How Can Massage Therapy Help With Lockdown Burnout?

Have you found that your productivity levels have started to dwindle the longer the COVID-19 pandemic continues? Has living through a pandemic caused your mood to feel down and stress levels to go up? If so, you are not alone. Lockdown burnout is a new term that has come out of this pandemic, and it describes the exhaustion many of us are experiencing.


Since many of us have had to make significant changes to our everyday life since the pandemic began, there have been inevitable impacts on our emotional and physical health. Lockdown burnout shares similar characteristics to what is commonly experienced with typical burnout, except added emotions associated with living amid a pandemic can have us feeling even more physically and mentally exhausted. Consider massage therapy to combat these feelings.


Massage Therapy Improves Mental Health
Taking care of our body and mind is crucial in making sure lockdown burnout doesn’t affect our day-to-day lives. One of the benefits of massage therapy is that it reduces cortisol levels, a hormone our bodies release when we feel stressed out or anxious.


Experts say that severe chronic stress, which often accompanies lockdown burnout, can have a direct impact on the structure of our brain, and our overall health can decline as a result. We may also notice that physical symptoms associated with stress, such as muscle aches/tension and exhaustion, pop up more often.


Massage therapy actively combats those symptoms by reducing accumulated tension in the body through expert techniques, which can lead to an overall reduction in mental stress. When getting a massage, you are not only decreasing your cortisol levels (the hormone that gets released when we feel stressed) but you are boosting your serotonin (our mood-regulating hormone) and dopamine levels (our “happy hormone”) an average of 30%. Getting a massage results in increased blood flow and triggers these positive hormones, and as a result, you will feel the impact right away.


Massage Therapy Offers a Break from Routine
Due to increased time indoors, our daily routine can begin to feel quite mundane. At Massage Experts, we have implemented all COVID-19 Provincial Government guidelines and regulations to ensure that when you book with us, you are coming to a safe space that allows you to focus on becoming a more relaxed you. Taking time for yourself outside of your typical routine can help relieve the feelings of repetitiveness that lockdown burnout often presents.


Whether you are a seasoned massage client or the lockdown has left you in sudden need of relaxation, book one or more of our services at Harbourview Therapy. Don’t let feelings of exhaustion and burnout keep you from receiving the relaxation you deserve.


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