Hоw tо Mаkе thе Mоѕt оf а Phуѕіоthеrару Aѕѕеѕѕmеnt?

Come prepared; What to bring to the appointment:

•Bring your health care card/number
•A pair of shorts and/or tank top for easy access to the affected area
•A list of medication you are currently taking if any


At Harbourview Therapy you will be given a Plan Of Care (POC) after the assessment and given home exercises as well as specific instructions for home care like what activities to avoid and what to do if aggrevated.


A physiotherapist will ask you many detailed questions about your pain or injury and what are your goals for treatment.


Next your physiotherapist may do several physical tests to determine things such as your:

•Range of Motion (mobility and flexibility)
•Ligament and Joint stability
•Reflexes, Sensation
•Nerve Tests
•Palpation (which specific ligaments, bones, joints, tendons are tender to touch


These tests are designed to help your physiotherapist diagnose your pain or injury, and then determine the best treatment plan for your condition


Your physiotherapy treatment will be based on your diagnosis. We consider education one of the most important aspects of therapy and will provide you with information about your condition and its management. Understanding your condition allows you to take a direct and positive role in your recovery. 


Patients who comply with the treatment plan and do the home exercises have better success and recovery rate overall.


Make a commitment to your health!

Call us today and let us Help you feel better and live life to your potential!


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