Massage and its Effects on Mental Health

Massage Therapy is known for its healing properties and a natural way to promote wellness.


But are these benefits just limited to improving just physical health, or does massage have healing capabilities that extend beyond the body? The answer is really not hard to figure out. Massage therapy can and will help mental health in general, we are going to list below some of the most important benefits.


  • Massage can reduce stress levels. Though it’s true that massage (as most things in life) will affect each individual in a different way, it usually reduces stress to varying degrees when performed properly. The bottom line is, the more committed you are to your massage sessions, the greater the chance of your stress levels normalizing.
  • Release of anxiety or angst. I know there are anxiety pills and other types of medication, but have you ever considered Houston Medical Massage instead? I am a proud believer of any proven natural healing methods. Anxiety can be released through the stimulation of trigger points in the body, and only a professional massage therapist can provide the right service if this is what you need or are aiming for.
  • Improve symptoms of depression and panic attacks. Independently of the causes, be it genetic, biochemical (imbalance), or a product of stressful/traumatic situations, people  suffering from depression will achieve a noticeable improvement through time by decreasing cortisol and noradrenalin and even promote the release of serotonin levels (a neurotransmitter that is associated with a “feel good” state) . Research has found that not all medication is effective on all individuals, but that all individuals were able to improve their mental health using regular massage treatments.
  • Massage can bring you calm and peace of mind. How? By allowing yourself some time each week for deep relaxation that only a great massage can bring. The power of touch enables you to lead your body and mind to a better place, where you are able to detach yourself from your everyday worries. This allows for your mind to heal and find perpective. It allows you to face the world from a wiser place: a place from calm and quiet.
  • Self-awareness and mental alertness. Are you a multitasker? Maybe you’re a mom with kids, a husband, and a hectic schedule to meet everyday. Maybe you have a very demanding job and you feel lots of things require your attention at the same time. Not having the right tools to attend your daily chores can have negative side effects on your health. Professional massage is a great solution to help those who need sharpening of their mental abilities and who are subject to demanding everyday tasks.


The are more benefits concerning mental health issues that massage can help with, like improving personal responses to highly emotional situations. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage with one of our great massage therapists today!


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