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Attention Former Athletes and Young At Heart

Your exercises are contributing to your pain or your lack of exercise. The body is like a house, you don’t build on an uneven, weak, soft surface. With the right foundation, you can build any house. The same goes for the body, build the right foundation first, then build on top of that.

Want a better version of who you are right now? But held back by aches and pains. You start exercising and now you’re in more pain than before. Everyone is progressing while you’re stuck trying to recover from your last run or workout. The solution, build your physical foundation first. What is the foundation? Proper mobility in specific joints meant for mobility and stabilized areas meant for stability.

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Break Free from Your Aches and Pains

  • Discover the foundational areas that you need to build upon

  • Areas that need to be strengthened

  • Areas that need mobility

  • Learn the truth about core strength

  • Learn the single most important exercise for the body and first steps to creating a great foundation

  • Progress forward with strengthening the foundations for proper knee stability

  • Don’t let your back stop you from playing sports or participating in life by learning this breathing technique.

"Because if you have a strong foundation like we have, then you can build or rebuild anything on it. But if you’ve got a weak foundation you can’t build anything"

- Jack Scalia

The Vicious Story of Pain

This is the story we usually see. You develop pain or have some discomfort where ever it may be; back, ankle, hip, knee neck you name it. At first, you can ignore it cause you can still do the things you normally do. You can hang out with friends, go to work and exercise, you aren’t missing much. Then the pain progresses a little more discomfort but you can ignore it cause you’re still at the gym lifting more weight, running longer, still going to work and not missing out on family and friends time.

Then one day, the pain gets so much that you can’t lift or run as much as before, you’re missing time from work, and you’re missing your kids’ hockey games/concerts. You see a specialist sports med doctor, or your family doctor, they do some investigating and find that you have a torn meniscus, torn rotator cuff, wear and tear in certain joints, disc bulge, degeneration into the joints in the neck etc. The list can go on.

The warning signs were there to get checked, the initial discomfort. These warning signs are like the warning sign in your vehicle saying that the car is out of oil. And like your car that you can drive for a while without oil before it breaks down, same with the body you can go on and ignore it for a while until you can’t.

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Take Their Word For It.

Carly (athletic therapist) and her student have been very helpful with my recovery from my motorcycle accident. They have been incorporating plenty of workouts suited to my lifestyle. Always going out of their way to do treatment after each session. Staff at this facility are welcoming and friendly. Highly recommend Carly for MPI related accidents and other injury-related inquiries as well.

Dennis B.

I've come here on several occasions for massage therapy. It's a great location, awesome hours, easy to book online and claim with insurance. Friendly, personable staff members, quiet, clean.

Mary F.

See Why Our Clients Love Us

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What Do You Want to Know?

Why Choose Us?

Who are we, what we do, and why should you listen to us? 

Harbourview is a group of like-minded therapists that aim to empower clients with knowledge on the human body and what it likes and dislikes. Harbourview wants to teach you that the human body is a highly adaptable machine when loaded (given the right exercises) properly and progressed accordingly will keep you feeling pain-free. We are an activity-based therapy clinic that uses a combination of manual therapy and exercises to address physical human function.

Why is Therapy Important?

How much is it worth to be able to reach your fitness goals? To be able to run longer, to be able to continue to lift and keep up with the next generation?

What is the value of you being able to work, provide for your family, and grow your business or move up in your profession? What is the cost of not being able to provide? Can’t pay for that house, car, or build the business you want?

Is it not crucial for you to be there for your family? Too tired to play with the kids, or miss out on school plays? Missing birthdays of friends or extended family?

See our orthopedic specialists for therapy and discover where we can build upon your foundation and physical capabilities.

Replicate Results. Not Work

The Process of Therapy: First Visit

Get an Assessment

Full body assessment = figure out our physical weak points and limitations and get a baseline.


Treatment Plan

That addresses weak points found


Treat and Reassess

Weak points, through manual or corrective exercises



Get you back to what you love, whether it’s your fitness goals or getting you back to work



Education and maintenance of the body so this doesn’t occur again


Physical Therapy / Athletic Therapy a $82 Value.

This a one on one orthopeadic (physical) assessment that investigate what areas in your body are causing you problems, which are dysfunctional or weak. This assessment  will give us information to tailor a treatment plan and develop a rehabilitation program. This data is vital to strengthen weak areas, mobilize stiff areas that would help you get back to work, exercise, go to events that you normally would avoid due to discomfort and pain.

Massage Therapy - $81

This 60 minute massage makes it easy to relieve muscle tension, headaches and increase feel good endorphins. And decrease aches and pain from muscle strains. While getting the self care we all need to decreases stress and recharge you for the next day.

Exercise Band - $5​

This resistance band  makes it easy to load and give your muscles resistance when exercising, It will help with your rehabilitation program and you can perform your exercise anywhere you want without lugging around dumb bells and bar bells.  Your program  would not be hindered or limited to going to a physical gym.  You can do your routine at home in privacy or if your on the go you can bring to your office, close the door and you have a small gym in your office.

E-Book Knowledge on Back Pain - $20​

This E-Book is about low back pain it gives a brief summary on what exercises can cause more back pain and some common mistakes. And exercises that are back safe. This can give you the knowledge and a brief strategy on how to manage your back aches & pains. and to have control on some aspects of your low back pain.  Knowledge is power when applied, don't feel stuck when pain comes around again.  Use some of the strategies in this book to reduce your back pain.

Plans For All Levels

We know everyone is starting this health journey from different places. Whether you’re an Ironman competitor or haven’t broken a sweat in years, there’s a treatment plan for you at Harbourview Therapy.

Option 1

  • Physio/Athletic Therapy Assessment - $82

  • Bonus 20 % off 60-minute massage - $81

  • Bonus E-book for lower back pain - $20

  • Bonus Resistance Band - $5


All for $130

Regular $188

Option 2

  • Physio/Athletic Therapy Assessment - $82

  • Bonus E-Book for lower back pain - $20

  • Bonus Resistance Band -$5

All for $82

Regular $107

Option 3

  • Massage - Regular $81

  • Bonus E-Book for lower back pain - $20

  • Bonus Resistance Band - $5

All for $62
Regular $106

Still Not Sure?

What if I told you, you may qualify to get all the above for even less? Maybe even less $40.

What most people don’t know is that most therapy is covered by personal insurance. It’s a benefit that is provided for you. Workplace injury and motor vehicle insurances also cover therapy. Depending on the insurance you have it could be a partial coverage of the cost or 100 percent covered. If you are already paying for it, might as well use it. Again, it’s for your benefit.


So click the call now button, or book online and get your Initial Assessment.

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You said "tomorrow" yesterday.

So make the decision today.

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