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Everything You Need To Know To Visit A Winnipeg Physiotherapy

Winnipeg Physiotherapy

We know that finding the right physio can be hard, and it is challenging to get your questions answered. But don’t worry we got you! In this post we go over what physiotherapists do, how much it may cost and how much is covered extended health plans.

What's Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in Winnipeg work with you to increase joint mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and balance. Physiotherapy use exercise, manual therapy, and specialized techniques to reduce swelling and pain. Choosing the right physiotherapist is an important part of your recovery. The physio should have the scope to determine the best treatment plan for you and help with mobility. Being able to move your joints fully is important for quality of life and functional living. Having flexible joints prevents injuries throughout life and offsets problems like arthritis.

Choosing the right physio clinic is key to helping you get back that range of motion. The physiotherapist you choose should be able to assess and treat your injuries to meet your needs.

Do You Need a Doctor's Referral to See a Physio?

Physios are university trained primary care practitioners so in most cases a doctor’s referral is not needed to visit a physiotherapy clinic. A referral from a doctor or nurse practioner will be needed if you plan on visiting a publicly funded clinic and some extend health plans may need a referral as well.

How Much Does Winnipeg Physiotherapy Cost and What's Covered?

Harbourview Therapy's physiotherapy prices are $77 for the first treatment and $59 for every subsequent visit. If you have insurance you could potentially pay $0 depending on your benefits.

At our clinic, we can create a recovery plan that suits you most. You’ll get the benefits of a variety of treatment products, such as orthotics and braces. We will keep track of your progress as you recover. If you have been injured, give us a call and book an appointment.

Many extended health insurance plans cover around $200 to $500 annually per person on the plan, this varies from plan to plan.

We know it’s tough to find the right physiotherapist but we promise Harbourview Therapy is the last physiotherapist you'll ever need. Contact us today!


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