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Is Physiotherapy Covered by Manitoba Health?

physiotherapy covered by Manitoba health

When it comes to accessing outpatient physiotherapy services in Manitoba, understanding the coverage options is crucial. In this article, we will explore how outpatient physiotherapy is covered in Manitoba and discuss the various insurance and reimbursement options available.

Coverage under Manitoba Health:

Outpatient physiotherapy services in Manitoba are typically covered under the provincial healthcare system known as Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living (MHSAL). However, coverage is based on medical necessity, and a referral from a healthcare professional is usually required. It's important to note that coverage limitations, such as the number of sessions or maximum coverage amount, may apply. For example, the hip and knee replacement program covers only 6 one on one visit or 10 group class sessions.

Private Health Insurance:

For most individuals, private health insurance is the primary source of coverage for outpatient physiotherapy services. Many employers offer extended health benefits as part of their insurance plans, which often include coverage for physiotherapy. Coverage details can vary depending on the insurance provider and policy, so it's essential to review your insurance policy or contact your insurance provider for specific information on coverage limits, reimbursement procedures, and any requirements such as referrals or pre-authorization. Most major insurances direct bill, for example Canada life, blue cross, sun life etc…

Workplace Injuries and Motor Vehicle Accidents:

Workplace injuries and motor vehicle accidents are handled differently in Manitoba. Workplace injuries are covered by the Workers Compensation Board (WCB), while motor vehicle accidents are covered by the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). Under WCB coverage, physiotherapy services are included as part of the treatment for the workplace injury, typically covering up to 18 visits. MPI coverage for physiotherapy can vary, but it generally covers up to 21 visits for motor vehicle accident-related injuries.


Understanding the coverage options for outpatient physiotherapy services in Manitoba is crucial for individuals seeking treatment. While Manitoba Health provides coverage based on medical necessity, private health insurance is often the main source of coverage for most people. Additionally, workplace injuries and motor vehicle accidents are covered by the WCB and MPI, respectively, with specific visit limits. It's essential to stay up-to-date with the latest coverage policies, so we recommend contacting Manitoba Health, your insurance provider, or the relevant organization (WCB or MPI) for the most accurate and current information regarding coverage and reimbursement procedures.

Please note that this blog post provides a general overview and should not substitute professional advice or personalized information. Always consult with your insurance provider, healthcare professional, or the relevant organization for specific details regarding coverage and reimbursement.


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