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Physiotherapy and Walking Outside in Winter

Winnipeg Winter walking physiotherapy

Wintertime is considerably harder on the average person. Not only is the weather colder but there are also slippery conditions right outside your front door, making it a challenge to get out of the house. At Harbourview Therapy, we don’t believe that Winter should hold you back from going out and staying active.

During Winter The Right Footwear Prevents The Need For Injury Recovery and Physiotherapy

Staying safe when walking outside means choosing the right footwear. If you live in Winnipeg or anywhere in Manitoba, you know that winter means snow and ice covering the ground. Before you step out, you need to put your best foot forward!

The best winter footwear options are those that help prevent slips, falls and injuries. The right winter boots will not only keep your feet warm and dry, but they will have the right traction to prevent falls. The outsole of the shoe (the part that touches the ground) should also have anti-slip and grips that help maintain your balance when walking.

Before Going Outside in the Winter

When going outside, make sure your body is prepared for the temperature, the weather and the conditions of the ground. On extremely cold days, your body is working overtime to produce heat and your heart is doing the majority of the work to get your blood flowing. To help your heart out and to warm up your muscles, engage in some light warm-up exercises in the comfort of your home before going outside.

Light warm-ups include anything from stretching to light cardio. An example of a great warm-up exercise includes:

1) Light cardio for 10 minutes. This can mean walking around the house to get your heart rate up, doing jumping jacks or jogging in place.

2) Leg stretches that focus on the calves and hamstrings. These two muscle areas are typically where we see the most strains and pulls in the winter.

To stretch out calves, stand in front of a wall, and bend one foot so that the toes are touching the wall but the heel is touching the floor—this gets a flex in your calves which stretches out the muscles. Hold the pose for 10-15 seconds and alternate to the other foot.

To stretch out hamstrings, stand with legs shoulder with apart and bend one knee behind, pulling the leg and foot to the back. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds and keep your balance. Switch and do the same with the other leg. You should feel a stretch in the front thigh area.

3) Standing torso rotations to get your upper body moving. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and gently twist the upper body from side to side. Do this until your upper body feels loose.

Injuries Still Happen—Needing Physiotherapy in Winnipeg?

With these Physiotherapy and wellness tips in mind, we hope you can get outside and stay active this Winter. Although taking precautions should minimize injuries and health problems during the Winter, injuries can still occur. For any Winter injuries or other conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact Harbourview Therapy. Our team of Physiotherapists can help you recover and regain movement in your body once again, or we can recommend our other solutions such as physical therapy or Massage Therapy.


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