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Why Does My Knee Click?: Ask a Physiotherapist / Athletic Therapist!

Why does my knee click? Physiotherapy Winnipeg

Are you familiar with the subtle clicks when you move your knee? While occasional clicking might be harmless, understanding the nuances between painless clicks and those accompanied by discomfort is vital for maintaining optimal knee health. In this blog, we'll explore the key factors behind knee clicking and delve into the role of physiotherapy / athletic therapy in deciphering and addressing these issues.

Painless Knee Clicks

1. Gas Bubbles and Synovial Fluid Dynamics:

Physiotherapy / Athletic Therapy insight: Understanding the normal release of gas bubbles within the synovial fluid during joint movement.

2. Soft Tissue Imbalances:

Physiotherapy / Athletic Therapy focus: Highlighting the significance of well-balanced tendons and ligaments in pain-free knee function. Sometimes a tight muscle or tendon rubs against structures around the knee, these are not necessarily painful in the beginning.

Painful : Knee Clicking with Discomfort

1. Meniscus Tear

Physiotherapy / Athletic Therapy perspective: The meniscus tear can cause catching in the knee joint as it bends and straightens out.

2. Balancing Act - Patellofemoral Syndrome:

Physiotherapy / Athletic Therapy perspective: Muscle imbalances around the knee can cause the knee cap to come off its groove as it moves from bending to extending. The coming out of its groove can accompany an audible click with pain.

3. Arthritis :

Physiotherapy / Athletic Therapy perspective: The decrease in joint space can cause rubbing of structures. This can cause inflammation and audible sounds with weight bearing activities as with bending and straightening the knee.

4. Trauma :

Physiotherapy / Athletic Therapy perspective : Trauma can cause tears to multiple structures and might even fracture around the knee for example patella fracture, acl tear, pcl tear, meniscus tear etc… This can cause instability around the knee which can make clicking sounds accompanied with lots of pain.

In the grand performance of knee health, understanding the intricacies of clicking sounds is just the beginning. Physiotherapy / Athletic Therapy can guide you through a harmonious journey, addressing issues proactively and ensuring your knees dance pain-free for years to come. Listen to your body's cues, and when in doubt, trust in the expertise of your health care team to keep your knees in optimal condition.


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