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The Secret to Core Stability

core stability Winnipeg Physiotherapy

Are you an active person dealing with chronic pain, a former athlete trying to reclaim the strength and stability they once had or an athlete looking to increase their performance? Everyone wants improved core stability - but what’s the real secret? We’ve all heard of thousands of solutions, yet how can we get our core strength back without investing energy into something that doesn't truly help us reach our goal? The answer lies in understanding true core stabilization. Keep reading for the secret to building your base for increased physical health and performance!

Core stability is the strength needed to maintain proper posture, protect the spine and helps improve balance. This strength is achieved by building intra-abdominal pressure with the help of your diaphragm, pelvic floor, multifidus, quadratus lumborum and abdominal muscles. When combined with diaphragmatic breathing, your body creates a pressure cocoon around your spine that acts as a stabilizing force while you engage in activities or carry loads.

Using "Intra abdominal pressure" or IAP, is a way of engaging the inner core to enhance strength and stability. It involves taking in a deep breath, contracting your abdominal muscles and then bracing them while holding your breath for the moment; this generates a pressure that provides strength and support throughout the entire body. An example of using IAP to improve core strength would be to practice a plank as a static hold (holding without moving) while engaging IAP (diaphragmatic breathing) and (abdominal contraction) brace.

Properly utilizing IAP with a belt can help weightlifters demonstrate impressive strength while keeping their spine safe. Core strength is key to preventing injury, but it also strengthens all other aspects of physical performance. The secret to unlocking its power lies in creating intra-abdominal pressure through breath focused abdominal strength-building exercises.


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